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Historical sewing, fashion, costume and props for SALE! Will be adding more during
the week. This selection includes a Petersons 1888 year bound with
original fashionplates. https://picasaweb.google.com/degracieuse/ManonAntoinette?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCIvm1ravqcf_DA&feat=directlink


Planking contest...

Shamelessly spamming to help my co-worker... everybody with a Facebook account willing to "LIKE" please like this photo; http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=229789587051584&set=o.193291040718373&type=1&theater it's a business organised planking contest and the most likes will win. All of our departments are competing ^^

Thank you!

Writer's Block: Happy, happy, joy, joy

Which song makes you happy every time you hear it, and why?

I just crack up every time I hear it :)

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray,Love
I saw this book on Oprah and made sure my mom and I both had a copy. Reading it, it becomes clear to me that there are a lot of things I recognize, it tends to make one think; So I decided to share these excerpts.


"I am feeling contented in this romantic scene, even if I am all by myself, while everyone else in the park is either fondling a lover or playing with a laughing child. But I stop to lean against a balustrade and watch the sunset, and I get to thinking a little too much, and then my thinking turns to brooding, and that's when they catch up with me.
They come upon me all silent and menacing like Pinkerton detectives, and they flank me -- Depression on my left, Loneliness on my right. They don't need to show me their badges. I know these guys very well. We've been playing a cat-and-mouse game for years now. Though I admit that I am surprised to meet them in this elegant Italian garden at dusk. This is no place they belong.
I say to them, "How did you find me here? Who told you I had come to Rome?"
Depression, always the wise guy, says , "What -- you're not happy to see us?"
"Go away," I tell him.
Loneliness the more sensitive cop, says, "I'm sorry, ma'am. But I might have to tail you the whole time you're travelling. It's my assignment."
"I'd really rather you didn't," I tell him, and he shrugs almost apologetically, but only moves closer.
Then they frisk me. They empty my pockets of any joy I had been carrying there. Depression even confiscates my identity; but he always does that. Then Loneliness starts interrogating me, which I always dread because it always goes on for hours. He's polite but relentless, and he always trips me up eventually....


That's almost two solid decades I've been entwined in some kind of drama with some kind of guy. Each overlapping the next, with never so much as a week's breather in between. And I can't help but think that's been something of a liability on my path to maturity.
Moreover, I have boundary issues with men. Or maybe that's not fair to say. To have issues with boundaries, one must have boundaries in the first place, right? But I disappear in the person I love. I am the permeable membrane. If I love you, you can have everything. You can have my time, my devotion, my ass, my money, my family, my dog, my dog's money, my dog's time -- everything. If I love you, I will carry for you all your pain, I will assume for you all your debts (in every definition of the word), I will protect you from your own insecurity, I will project upon you all sorts of good qualities that you have never actually cultivated in yourself and I will buy Christmas presents for your entire family. I will give you the sun and the rain, and if they are not available, I will give you a sun check and a rain check. I will give you all this and more, until I get so exhausted and depleted that the only way I can recover my energy is by becoming infatuated with someone else.
I do not relay these facts about myself with pride, but this is how it's always been.
Dear God, I could use a little break from this cycle, to give myself some space to discover what I look like and talk like when I'm not trying to merge with someone. And also, let's be honest -- it might be a generous public service for me to leave intimacy alone for a while. When I scan back on my romantic record, it doesn't look so good. It's been one catastrophe after another. How many more different types of men can I keep trying to love, and continue to fail? Think of it this way -- if you'd had ten serious traffic accidents in a row, wouldn't they eventually take your driver's license away? Wouldn't you kind of want them to?
There's a final reason I'm hesitant to get involved with someone else. I still happen to be in love with David, and I don't think that's fair to the next guy. I don't even know if David and I are totally broken up yet. We were still hanging around each other a lot before I left for Italy, though we hadn't slept together in a long time. But we were still admitting that we both harbored hopes that maybe someday...
I don't know.

As I read on I shall keep posting excerpts that touch me in some way or the other....


my new phone

test to see how it works

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Morning Prayer

Last night I had a dream
I was drowning again
You grabbed my hand and pulled me to safety
As I looked into your eyes
I saw my saviour
The person that I knew had been there all along
Just waiting for the chance to kill me
We kissed and my mouth started to bleed
Then all my teeth fell out...
I hate it when that happens


Opruiming / Clearing out my closet


Ok... so about 3 years ago I bought a nice middle ranged performance ATI 3D club radeon 2600 XT, but as of late I've been getting weird errors about the VGA drivers/card not being recognized. I reinstalled and updated drivers, yet just a few days ago I had my firs VPU recovery.... and still keep getting those notifications, especially when the computer has been in sleep mode.
But that wasn't the real reason I have looking  for a replacement. I've been suffering, yes, suffering! from the torture of low FPS!
Killed off half of my add-ons, turned down graphics to low, changed shadow settings etc etc. It helped slightly. I even went as for as setting up overclocking on the card by having it do a scan of it's own performance and best settings. My internet is fine, I've got good latency, but my fps plummets from 72 fps to 5-7 fps every 30-60 seconds and then comes back up, the latency does not change. The only thing I managed to change is that I can still kinda see myself moving and keep from falling of cliffs/boats/bridges when it occurs. My sons both also play WoW and do not have this problem, I do want to add they both have older systems and do not have PCI express. Low fps is way worse then lag. When I am experiencing lag I still have about 30 fps, when the low fps strikes, god knows wether I'm already dead or been able to strike down my enemy in Wintergrasp.... oi!  And wow did I find out a lot has changed in the passed 3 years! I've been getting information off of Tweakers, hardware.info and reading up on benchmarks for WoW, since it is the only game I play on the pc. My card isn't really that (has got good clock speed) outdated but WoW is no longer the low spec game it once has been, after comparing results and prices, I've settled on the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5830, with the current sale of 19% discount it was only 20 euro's more expensive then my current card. Happy belated birthday to me ;)

For some other news, what is the attraction to cup cake earrings? I have to admit I squee and cutesy over these things that flock etsy and DeviantArt, but would you buy it? Who buys miniature cake slices made out of polymer clay or sculpy on a neck chain?
I'll stick with just looking at it :)

More WoW related, the world is shattered, I'm seeing poor undead drowned Gilnaen and started thinking how cool would it be to have a field of evil undead wisps... must be the Nelf in me XD


Writer's Block: Cover me

Which songs have been covered better by artists who didn't originally sing them?

Now after example set by Cathy ;) I just have to! Much songs after the cut! :)

On to all the good songs....Collapse )

Tomorrow is my birthday! and yesterday I passed my Data training with flying colours (97%), today finished off the training on WiFi.... maybe soon I'll get the Oost skill... but first next week, IC -  basically practising the training in the live environment with full assistance on hand from our floorwalkers.

For All You Doctor Who Fans!

Everybody's favourite Doctor Tom Baker (no arguments at the back!) has signed a Who script for us to give away along with a bunch of newly scripted audio CDs voiced by the man himself. Brilliant, huh? Just answer a few simple questions and be in with a chance to win.

1. What was the name of the 4th Doctors debut adventure on TV in 1974?
2. What was the name of the 4th Doctors final adventure on TV in 1981?
3. What character did Tom Baker play in the film Nicholas & Alexandra?

Email your answers to editorATbookdepository.co.uk.

Competition closes Friday 19th November and the winner will be announced early December.

Terms and Conditions here.

And listen to great Baker narrated Who CDs here...